For gamblers who have such a heightened aspiration to win in all of their wagers, it is probably best to introduce to them the fact that all online casino games have a house advantage which is taken from a portion of their wagers. Online gamblers may have a streak of losses and winnings every now and then but the bottom line is the house remains to be ahead of its players.

The advantage that online casinos have in all their games is already inherent to and based from the randomness programmed in the gaming software of the online casino games. The casino games software is already designed to bring favor to the house while providing the chance to give a good and decent payout to the casino players.

Perhaps the most that an online casino player can do is to play with good management of their bankroll and find an online casino with the lowest house advantage in their games. To further aid an online casino gambler in their quest to a reasonable gambling endeavor, knowing the average house advantage of each online casino game can help them choose the one that can be profitable to them.

Outlined are online casino games ranked with the worst to the best house advantage:

1. Although online slots can give their players better winnings than its land versions, it still has the highest house advantage rate between 5 to 10 percent. The game of slots however can be a game of full entertainment that generates bigger profit to the online casino.

2. Card games such as Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker give online casinos a minimum of 3% house advantage or as high as 10%. These three are popular card games that gamblers undeniably find too entertaining to resist from playing.

3. The game of European roulette provides the online casinos average of 2.7% house advantage with a up to 5.4% on its American roulette.

4. Playing online poker may be a good game with a smaller house advantage since the players are playing against each other instead of against the house where the rake may range up to 5% that goes lower as the player’s wager increases. However, online poker rooms usually house professional poker players to play against which make the odd more slimmer especially to a new online casino player.

5. Craps can have a house advantage of 1% but the game can go worse in the long run of playing.

6. Although playing baccarat is not a game of skills, it potentially gives a lower house advantage of 1 to 1.5 percent to its players.

7. Blackjack strategy is a game of skill where the skill factor can somehow affect the house advantage a bit. Blackjack players do enjoy at least 0.5% of house advantage with an excellent skills and strategy.

8. Video Poker is by far the best online casino game with the lowest house advantage of about 0.4% with a good strategy and can provide a profitable winning once the player hit a royal flush or straight flushes.

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